Episode 18- Upbeet Farm

Welcome to Episode 18 of The Maine Culinary Podcast.  This is a conversation with John and Kate Seaver of Upbeet Farm.  Upbeet Farm has been in Maine for just over a year.  They are an heirloom farm and are MOFGA Certified Organic and we discussed what that means, technically, but also what it means to them personally.  Enjoy this deep dive in to the world of Upbeet Farm and the world of Organics.

UpBeet Farm - https://www.facebook.com/UpBeetFarm

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Episode 17- Bite InTo Maine

Welcome to Episode 17 of The Maine Culinary Podcast.  In this episode, we sit down with Sarah and Karl of Bite In To Maine. Bite In To Maine is a “mobile eatery,” located in Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  With a rotating selection of side dishes, their main focus is on perfecting the craft of lobster rolls.

Our conversation with Sarah and Karl begins with how they ended up here in Maine, then dives deep in to their menu and how they decided on which Rolls to keep.  We also discussed the wide world of food trucks and how the Maine food truck economy can continue to improve.

Bite In To Maine



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Episode 16 w/ Dean’s Sweets

Welcome to Episode 16.  In this episode we met up with Dean and Kristin Bingham of Dean’s Sweets.  We spent some time talking about the growth of the business, chocolate experimentation and the ways in which a truffle concept matures, (I’m looking at you wasabi/ginger/sake truffle.)

Dean’ Sweets can bo found at:

82 Middle St, Portland, Maine



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Episode 15 w/ Zapoteca

Welcome to Episode 15.  In this episode we sat down with Shannon and Tom from Zapoteca.  This is their first Maine Restaurant Week, so we went in to detail with the menu.  They have also entered one of their margaritas in to the cocktail competition that is part of The Signature Event at The Portland Harbor Hotel, taking place on February 29.

In addition to Maine Restaurant Week, we discussed Tequila, grasshoppers, developing menus and life within the restaurant.

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Episode 14 w/ The Farmer’s Table

Welcome to the next episode in our series leading up to Maine Restaurant Week.  This time we sit down with Jeff Landry, of The Farmer’s table. In addition to their Maine Restaurant Week menu, we spent quite a bit of time discussing where he sources their food and different challenges that arise seasonally, when trying to keep everything local.

We also spent some time talking about organic, humane and sustainable farming and how that translates to their beer and wine list.  The wine list is carefully being re-done and Jeff explains the importance of not only being an organic and sustainable vineyard, but also the importance of biodynamics.

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Episode 13 w/ The White Cap Grille

Welcome to the second episode in our series leading up to Maine Restaurant Week.  For this episode, we sat down with Michael and Adam from The White Cap Grille.  While the Maine Restaurant Week menu has yet to be completed, Michael and Adam told us all about the Valentine’s Day menu, which sounds very exciting.

In addition to discussing menus, Michael explained the history of the building and the space they currently occupy, (extra points if you remember the Oyster Club.)  We also discussed the excitement of opening a new restaurant, amidst all of this history and standing out in a city with so many great places to eat.

The White Cap Grill ‘s Valentine’s Day menu will be served Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Maine Restaurant Week is from March 1 to the 10th.  It begins with a kick off February 29 at the Portland Harbor Hotel.

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Episode 12 w/ Harding Lee Smith

For this episode of the The Maine Culinary Podcast, we met up with Harding Lee Smith, to kick off a series leading in to Maine Restaurant Week.  Harding is the owner of The Front Room, The Grill Room and The Corner Room.  All three of these establishments will be participating in Maine Restaurant Week and we discussed what the menus will be for each one.

We also spent some time discussing each of the restaurants and what makes each one unique.  Additionally, we discussed what makes each one meaningful to Harding and their staff, as well as the community that each one is serving.

Maine Restaurant Week is March 1 through 10.


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Episode 11 w/ The Portland Food Coop

Welcome to Episode 11.  In this episode we had an opportunity to learn about the Portland Food Co-op.  Michelle Smith, sat down with us and explained a bit about how the group came to be and how the Co-op works.  Michelle also told us all about the suppliers and vendors that make their product available to the group. Tim, working as Vendor Coordinator, also joined us to go a bit more in depth about the building the Co-op resides in and also how he got started working with the group.

This is the Portland Food Co-op’s website http://www.portlandfoodcoop.org ; this is them on Twitter @portlandcoop

Join the Co-op here http://www.portlandfoodcoop.org/join-the-portland-food-co-op/

Michelle Smith, twitter- @mainebelle

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Episode 10- Food Coma TV Season 1 Recap

Welcome to Episode 10.  For this episode we met up with Joe and Alex of Food Coma TV to recap Season 1.   They walked us through the hurricane that has been the past 4 months.  We discussed how the show has evolved, and what kind of shenanigans the team found themselves amongst.  We also get a sneak peek of what is in store for the next season. New locations have already been decided on and Joe may have found a new sidekick.

Check out http://foodcomatv.tumblr.com/ for all of the current postings.

Also, don’t miss this limited edition poster.  Food Coma TV has partnered with Might+Main to make this poster available.  100% of profits from this poster go to their good friends at CultivatingCommunity.org

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Episode 9 w/ The Porthole & Shipyard Brewing #mebeerweek

Welcome to Episode 9 of The Maine Culinary Podcast. For this episode we continued our travels towards Maine Beer Week.

We met at the Portlhole with Executive Chef Paul Dyer and Shipyard Brewhouse Manager Jay Silevinac. Jay went through the ins and outs of a booming beer business, while walking us through the beers that will be featured during Beer Week.

Paul Dyer highlighted the featured menu item for beer week, which is an end result of The Porthole’s partnership with Pineland Farms.  Paul also gave us a glimpse in to the excitement of re-booting an entire menu and how one particular menu item was featured on the Food Network Show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We wont tell you what it was if you dont already know, but he generously shared some with us and it was all we could think about for the rest of the day.

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